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Private Number/Claws Published Today on Kindle!

My Albert Taylor Mystery Double Feature, Private Number/Claws, was officially released today!

Get your Kindle Edition from now, Only $2.99!


Private Number: A radio station receives a strange call from a caller from beyond the grave, at least that’s what’s claimed. But is it a hoax, a crank caller, or is the person truly dead? When things get more baffling paranormal investigator, Albert Taylor, steps in to look into matters that harbor a dark and evil secret.

Claws: A series of brutal and savage animal-like murders rattle the small mining town of Brewster, Nevada, a quiet, little community where such atrocities are unheard of, where everyone knows each other’s name, and where you can leave your door unlocked at night…until now that is. Weird animal hairs are discovered at each of the crime scenes. Is it an animal or a sinister creature of myth and lore lurking in the woods? When the body count starts racking up and tension among the townspeople rises, the town turns to paranormal investigator, Albert Taylor, to sort matters and lay his traps for the predator.


Displaying at Indie Author Day Showcase!

Back in October, I was at the Livermore Library’s Indie Author Day Showcase, promoting and selling some of my books. Before the showcase started, Andy Weir, bestselling author of The Martian and Artemis, was interviewed. Great and inspiring interview.

Some photos from the day!


Hairy Monsters and Detectives on “The Ginger Nuts of Horror”

NEWS FLASH! HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Check out my guest feature article on hairy monsters and detectives on The Ginger Nuts of Horror. Thanks, Jim!


Covers of New Albert Taylor Book Revealed!

Scheduled to be released on December 3rd, here are the front and back covers of my upcoming Albert Taylor Mystery Double Feature published by Unnerving Magazine!



Reader Reviews “The Demon Seeds”!

Here’s a nice Amazon reader review of my book, The Demon Seeds. It’s always nice to know someone enjoyed something you wrote. Thanks, Jesse! 😀

Derek Muk asked if I could review his book. I wish the cover was better, but the content beneath is worth reading.

The Demon Seed is a fast and enjoyable read with realistic, and sometimes comedic dialogue. The story begins with a disappearance. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a thrill right from the get go, and this book delivers that. Just as important, the thrill maintains its momentum throughout the story.



Fragments Appears in New Issue of Deadman’s Tome!

NEWS FLASH! Check out my new short story, “Fragments,” in the Sept issue of Deadman’s Tome.



Reader Review of “The Demon Seeds”!

This book review of my most recent book made my day. Thanks to Amazon reviewer Dona! You’re awesome!

This is a great short read. I see the plot is outlined in the other reviews – demon entities, taking on the guise of bubogs, come to LA to disperse their seeds throughout The Valley and eventually the world via Charles Manson styled cults which prey on young women using mind control and similar techniques — enter our (Darrin McGavin in the old television series Nightstalker styled) professor monster hunter and his trusty side-kick student whose friend has been brain-washed and impregnated with demon seed. Hang on for some (Indiana Jones styled) action and hang on tighter for an ending I will not reveal. I’d like to see a series–in books and/or on television. Muk’s writing style is engaging and lots of his references made me smile.



A Day in the Life … Derek Interviewed by Terrie Leigh Relf!

Check out my interview with the Day in the Life Interview Series.

Thanks, Terrie!


Sharing a table at FOGcon…

Sharing a dealer’s table at Fog Con with another fellow writer. Great con!

If you haven’t been to FOGcon before, you should definitely go next year! Here’s a pic from my dealer’s table.

From their site:

Friends of the Genre (FOGcon) is a literary-themed San Francisco Bay Area SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon. Each year we focus on a new theme in speculative fiction and invite Honored Guests ranging from writers to scientists to artists. We build community, exchange ideas, and share our love for the literature of imagination.

I had a blast. Hope to see you there in 2019!



The Demon Seeds Reviewed by The Horror Fiction Review!

News flash! Here’s a great review of my book, The Demon Seeds, in The Horror Fiction Review.

Check it out at:


Unnerving Magazine Reviews The Demon Seeds

A great review of my book The Demon Seeds, was just published by Eddie at Unnerving Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt:

Derek Muk writes in a horror style that is one part mystery, one part thriller, with a sprinkling of gore. His style is somewhere between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mary Higgins Clark. It’s lively and fast in a way that thoroughly covers the important points while skipping most character backgrounds.

For the full review, follow the link below.

Thanks, Eddie!


“The Demon Seeds” Now Available on Amazon!

New release, folks!!

My new book, The Demon Seeds, dropped live today. Monumental thanks and kudos to Nicholas Grabowsky for making this happen. Thank you, sir!!

Buy The Demon Seeds on Amazon!


Vampire Nation Published by Crimson Frost Books

Available now from Crimson Frost Books is my new Albert Taylor book, Vampire Nation, which was inspired by 1980s pop culture, music, and old Jamie Lee Curtis horror movies. Call it a paranormal horror story that reeks of retro 80s culture, complete with big hair, silly clothes, and killer songs that will have you dancing, jumping, and singing and rocking along with your air guitar (okay, maybe not that far) but you certainly get the picture. A yearning for a time and era long, long, ago. People keep harping that the 80s were the best decade ever. But was it really? What do you think?

Many thanks to Patricia and her great staff at Crimson Frost Books. Here’s more information about the book as well as the cover reveal. Now if I could just find my Rubik’s Cube. Where did I put it?? Darn it!

Click Here to Buy Vampire Nation on Amazon


Zombie Island Reviewed by Unnerving Magazine

Here’s a great review of my book, Zombie Island, by Unnerving Magazine:

Pick up your own copy of Zombie Island for the Kindle on Amazon!

– Derek


Saturday at Midnight Published in Disturbed Digest

Just got the June 2017 issue of Disturbed Digest (The 5th Anniversary Double Issue), which features my science fiction story “Saturday at Midnight”, in the mail today. If you like aliens you’ll like this one.

Great looking cover art!

Thanks to editor, Tyree Campbell.

Pick up your copy today at:
Disturbed #17 | Alban Lake Store

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